Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gene Grieve - Class of 58

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As a grad of 1958,,, and if you talk to any survivor of that year you
will find out about the Washington State Basketball Tournament.. and
as background both East and West made it to Hec. the UofW...
it was a big week for the Schools. (East and West) ..the School
Officials decided to let the entire schools bus and ferry... to
the games... The ferry boat was a wild ride with hundreds of high
schoolers... Both Schools placed I believe

However Coach Eathorne will will remember the Anacortes game with 3:22
to go and the Score of 71 to 60.... seems in high school it would be a
slam dunk...but read my old news clip (it was outstanding) and the
winning drive the Bakken and the team did... it was unforgettable
.....I presented some clips at a reunion picnic in 2008.... also got a
kick out of an old clip of Frank Bratonia (assit. coach) ...and a loss
to Football... good luck Gene Grieve Class of 58...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lance McCoy

When I began coaching soccer at Bremerton High School in 1999, Les used to come over and watch parts of my soccer practices. This is when I met him for the first time in person. Having worked with Rick Walker for many years, I had recalled many of the kind words that Rick shared with me over the years about Les and his former teammates at East High.

Les and I have had many good conversations over the years about coaching high school athletes. I respect his wisdom on the court as a coach, but more so off the court as a person. My casual talks with Les improved my work as a soccer coach. His preparedness and high worth ethic, combined with his passion to succeed with a measure of honor rubbed off on me over the years and I am grateful to call Les my friend.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Matt Grahn

"'I never had the pleasure or honor of playing for Coach Eathorne, but he has had a tremendous impact on my life. I grew up in the old airplane hanger gym at Bremerton High School. Every time I visit back home, I go to breakfast with Coach and other former BHS coaches. I often reflect on little nuggets that Coach has passed on to me and use them in my own coaching. He was a great coach, but more importantly he is a truly great man!'"
Matt Grahn

Monday, December 28, 2009

Joe Simon - BHS 81

All us Simons went to East High School! (eight of us) I was a freshman at East in 78 and graduated from Bremerton in 81. This Monday night all my brothers and sisters (except Kevin who has to work) will be at the East vs West alumni basketball game! GO EAST HIGH KNIGHTS

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lynn Eathorne Alexander - Class of 1968

When I was six years old my family moved back to Bremerton. My father was to be the basketball coach of a brand new high school. He knew that he would be facing his former coach and friend, Ken Wills. As he walked thru that gym I watched him walk over to the big "E" on the floor. We were both so proud that the school had recognized that the floor belonged to EATHORNE...

Lynn Eathorne Alexander
Class of 1968

Bev Devine Rambo - Class 61

Wow, was this a great stroll down memory lane. I graduated in 61 and was a song leader that year. Mr. Eathorne and I were both ejected by the ref for giving our opinion too loudly. I may be the only cheer/song leader to have received a technical foul in East High history, but it was worth it. I love the facts, the pictures, videos and stories.
Say hi to Mr. Eathorne from Bev Devine class of '61.
Mike Edwards and I stay in touch and he gave me this site. He said the golf tourney was great fun and so happy to reconnect with so many wonderful people, especially Mr. Eathorne. He was a model for so many of us. I too am an educator and hope I have made a difference in the lives of some of those I have taught and worked with. This is a fantastic site.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Judy (Karlson) Reets

My first introduction to East High school was at a basketball game. The experience was truly special. I enjoyed being a Knight in a long line of Knights. MY Dad graduated in '59 my sister Bev in '75, Karen in '77. My brother Mike, sister Deborah and I all graduated from Bremerton High. What a great website to remember a man that had a great impact on members of our community, both directly and indirectly.